YouTube 8K Monotized - Music Channel - Huge potential



Amount of subscribers: 8712
Country of subscribers (majority): India
Topic/Niche: Music

BONUS: You can rebrand / make your OWN url on this channel. It hasent changed its URL. So you can rebrand to WHATEVER. img_538192856521 img_88244037949

Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic
This channel, created in September 2015, is totally dedicated to various musical styles, such as House, Deep House, R&B, Indie Pop, Pop, etc. It has the advantage of already having the option of performing live broadcasts

It has more than 780 videos published, 0 Strikes , has more than 8500 subscribers and almost 3 million views .

The channel is monetized and the monthly revenue is around 30€. however, the channel has already earned more than $2,500 during its existence.

Reason for sale

Make money


By purchasing a Youtube channel dedicated to all types of music, you have an excellent opportunity to continue a music channel with a diversified audience.

Selling MONOTIZED channel, ready to earn money. Lifetime revenue $2600. $30 monthly without work right now.


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Please do not lie in your listings. The majority of your viewers are from India, not the USA. I’ve edited your listing for you.


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Please private message me a bin.
I will buy today.


is it sold? i sent op a pm but no response


Not sold. Answered all. :slight_smile:


link and price


please send me the handle and your current offer


hello username pls


link and price


pm me link and price


hey am ofering you 260 dollars for you acount.


does your channel still avaliable? 300 for it


Why shouldn’t he? Everyone has got the right to do so.