YouTube automation service for maximizing your revenue

Service type: YouTube automation
Price: 50% of the investment

Description: We are into YouTube arbitrage if you invest 1$ you can easily earn 2_3$. YouTube arbitrage is basically getting paid views from external sources. If you’ve a monitized YouTube channel we’ll upload content related to crypto and money making niche on it and run ads on different platforms. We’ll take 50% of whatever you invest with us. For example if you invest 500$ with us we’ll take 250$ as our profit and then turn the remaining 250$ into more than 600$. Dm us if you are interested I’ll explain the whole business module.


so you’d basically be putting in $500 to make $100 profit ?

Good idea

No I’m putting 500$ to make 700_800$ potentially

no i mean from your example, you said if i put in $500, you’re taking $250 and you’ll use the other $250 to make $600…but I put in $500, so if you’re making $600 from the $250 the profit i gained is $100.

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It was minimum expectations, tell me if your are interested


Do you have monetized YouTube channel? If yes then let me know

Sounds like getting a monetized channel for 300$ would make your life whole lot easier,

why would you need mine?

Because we well create content for your channel and run ads for getting
views cor example if you invest 1$ in return you’ll get 1.5_$ easily

Is there any guarantee in this ? If not, what are the potential risks and profits ?
What do you need from me other than the $ ?

Yes even you’ll earn more if you’ve crypto, trading, finance, online earning niche and it is risk free as all the views are coming via ads which are real human views

So what exactly do you need from me other than the money ?:slight_smile: