YouTube Channel In Music Niche With 85,000 Subscribers & 3.5 Million Views!

Property type: YouTube Channel
Subscribers: 85,477
Video Views: 3,520,000
Top Geography: United States (52%)
Niche: Music (Wiz Khalifa)
Price: $650 USD

Analytics Breakdown
Views (Last 30 Days): 52,160
Views (Last 90 Days): 191,959
Views (Lifetime): 17,871,000
Total Watch Time (Minutes): 71,249,000
Average View Duration: 4 minutes 6 seconds

Additional Information
The videos on the channel are mostly songs and are all relating to Wiz Khalifa (music artist). The channel has 21 published videos (it had more however they were removed mid last year as the origional owner was going to change the niche, around 13 million views were removed that were on those videos). Most videos are copyrighted thus the channel isn’t making any money. It doesn’t have any copyright or community guidelines strikes, and monetization is enabled.

This would be an excellent purchase for a music producer or someone looking to get into the audio distribution business. It can be renamed/rebranded then you can kick off with 85K subscribers!

Price is $650 USD (including Swapd fees), looking for a quick sale if possible. Please send me a PM or comment below if you’d like the URL. I’ll end this post with a few screenshots of the analytics dashboard, thanks everyone!

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Hi there, i’m very interested in your channel that is the niche i’ve been looking for , and i can offer you the $650 for the channel and i can do the transaction today

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Btw can you send the channel name?

Sounds good, I’ll pm you the URL now :slight_smile:

Can you PM the url please

please pm me the url…

***hi plz send link plz

This channel is currently in checkout with a buyer. If it falls through, I will PM everyone who requested the URL. It looks like it is sold though :slight_smile:

Please PM me too if the deal won`t go through

She gone! This property has been sold. Thank you for using SWAPD.

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