YouTube Channel with 11.6k subs and over 34 million total viewers (SOLD!)

Amount of subscribers: 11,617 subs
Country of subscribers (majority): United States
Topic/Niche: Entertainment with Live Television Events from 2014-16
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

Description: Hi there,

I’m selling an 11.6k subs entertainment channel that can turn into anything you want. It has averaged more than 114,941 views since October 1, 2018, with good engagement from past videos. Me and my roommate used to run it a few years ago and made some decent money off of it back then literally money to live off of for a while and it was used as an entertainment channel. It hasn’t received a strike in over two years since August 2016 so you should be safe there if you plan on using it.

The only bad part about it is the monetization tab is disabled if you can get it fixed then that should fix the problem for you or you can just resell the channel to somebody else for profit. If you are able to get the monetization tab lifted this can be a decent money making channel per month. I just transferred it to a new Gmail account so all you need is the password to get access to the account and channel itself.

Price can be negotiated as I’m trying to see how you guys can go since monetization is disabled on this channel. I will have more channels available for purchase in the future that can be monetized but they’re much smaller.

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Also, channels which have monetization permanently disabled are dirt cheap. You most likely won’t get over $300 for this.

Okay thanks good advice, I was wondering how much I could max out on a disabled monetized account.

No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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