Youtube Channel with over 500k views per month, 19k subs and over 4 Million total views




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Amount of subscribers: 18,934
Country of subscribers and views: (united state,Argentina,Mexico, spain )
Topic/Niche: nature sounds
Promotion methods used: all views and subscribers 100% organic ranking on yt (seo with target keyword, frequency upload)
channel language: Spanish
views over 20k per day
subs over 2k per month
watch time over 44 Millions Minute per month

You will find full details through Screenshot

If you are interested pm your offer

Youtube channel 500k views per month with 19k subs over 4m total views

Can I see a link to the channel? Thanks


Pm url and best offer so far please.


UP, still available


up up


Would you trade for it ?


i need link of channel and price please




Please PM channel


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