YouTube Channels 50k+


Looking for any YouTube pages.
PM me your pages (DEAD OR ACTIVE) if you can pm with the following questions answered

  1. Does it have any active copyright or community guidelines strikes?
  2. Were you the original creator and owner of the channel or did you buy it from someone else?
  3. Why are you selling the channel?
  4. Can you share a screenshot of the lifetime analytics?
  5. Can you share a screenshot of the last 90 days of analytics?
  6. Can you share a screenshot of the last 30 days of analytics?
  7. Are there any videos on the channel that you don’t have permission to reupload? Or have you been getting permission from the very beginning?
  8. Will you include the email account and the Twitter account with the channel? What other assets will be included in the sale (if any)?
  9. What is your revenue split with Network? Can the channel leave that contract at any time?
  10. Does the channel currently generate any revenue through affiliate promotions, sponsorships, or other methods?
    thank you

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Hii. I have two Channels with 35k Subs and 123k Subs. Do let me know if interested. Thanks

I have a YouTube Channel with around 300K Subscribers and more than 41 Million Views.

  1. Channel is in good standing. No Copyright or Community Guidelines Strikes.

  2. I am the original creator of this YouTube Channel. I created this channel during July 2017.

  3. I am Final year Chartered Accountancy student. My final exams are due in November 2018 and May 2019. So now I want to completely concentrate on my studies and prepare for upcoming final exams. That’s why I want to sell it.

  4. No, it doesn’t have such videos.

  5. I can include the email account and the Twitter account with the channel. You can also keep the Facebook Page and the Silver Play Button which I am gonna receive very soon from YouTube.

  6. This channel is not linked or connected to any network.

  7. Yes, the channel is generating revenue (only from YouTube ads). I haven’t used any affiliate promotions, sponsorships or other methods.

Hi how much is your channel ?

I am afraid the channel has been already sold.

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