YouTube Channels & Facebook Fan Pages - Financial/Luxury/Motivation Pages!


Looking for any pages within the financial/motivation/luxury niches on either of those platforms for a client of mine!

Anything cryptocurrency/stock/trading related will BE HIGHLY CONSIDERED & PAID TOP $$$ FOR!

PM me your pages (DEAD OR ACTIVE)

PM me details

Do you have an account in these niches? if so pm me

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Anyone in these niches?

Whats the minimum follower count you’re looking for?

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IG/TWT - 50,000 followers minimum

YT - 50-100k subs would be nice

FB 50-200k fans/likes are ideal

BUMP :slight_smile:

I’m BUMPING :slight_smile:

I’m still looking… anything out there ?

Still looking :slight_smile:

Anyone with stuff around these niches?

I’m BUMPING THIS :slight_smile:

Still looking for anything in these niches or close

Twt - 50-100k+ accounts Preferred to be ACTIVE

IG 50-200k+ Preferred to be ACTIVE BUT will consider dead accounts too

FB fan pages 50-100k + ACTIVE BUT will consider dead accounts too

YouTube - Channel 50-100k+ Prefer ACTIVE & will even pay top $ for ones already making money!



Hi, pm us please

Please PM me… I want this

Not sure what you want, this is a buyer request listing

Bumping :slight_smile:

bump post!

Please PM me YT channels 50k+ in the financial, tech, luxury, or motivation niches

Please PM me FB pages 50-100k PLUS! same niche

ALSO considering twitter accounts 50-100k+ in same niches as above

TOP DOLLAR for high quality accounts!