Youtube for Instagram

Is there anyone experienced in growing YouTube channels organically (not through shoutouts) and is willing to share some knowledge on how to? In return i could share knowledge on how i get over 1m organic views on Instagram accounts with less than 100k followers, and how all my accounts grow 5k + organic followers a day (PM me and i’ll give the usernames of my accounts so you can see for yourself)
Or if not, i might be willing to pay for the knowledge, as long as it works! PM me if you can help :slight_smile:

Shoot me a pm with some questions if you have them, and I’ll try my best to answer. YouTube has been my main source of income since 2011, with 200,000,000 total views on the platform, and one video that passed 60,000,000 views.

I’ve consulted many YouTubers in the past on how they can best grow their audience when I operated an MCN, ranging from clients with one thousand subs to clients with two million subs. Would love to learn a bit more about Instagram as well!

Yes pm me i have been growing yt organic
Knowledge for knowledge