Youtube Generic/Non Generic Username Claim | 100% Success Rate, Fast TAT| Millionaire Cllub Seller/SWAPD Partner |

Hello everyone, using my rep, i am able to claim Generic and Non Generic usernames on Youtube.

I can claim almost any username, generic and non generic, Eg @anime, @cat, @pizza, i can claim these for you. Only requirement is that the handle shouldn’t lead to an error page, for example

Starting Price is $3k, can go up depending on what you want, reach out to me for a quotation.

Our success rate is by far 100%, means if we agrees to work on something, we’ll get it for you!

Turnaround time ranges from 1 Day to 30 Days.

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Replied to all queries.

Definitely not done per rep
Except if you made mistake in your thread and you said you can claim username who give error page.

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