★★ YOUTUBE SERVICES [✓ Verifications] [@ Username Claims] [Guaranteed] ★★


If you’re looking for safe, fast & guaranteed YouTube exclusive username claims and verifications you’re in the right place.


• We can verify both individuals and companies.
• No PR required.
• We may need to be added temporarily to your channel for username claims/verifications.

Requirements: Only channels with +100k subscribers for verifications

For username claims, no need to have 100k. If you already own the desired handle on other social media platform that would help with our internal submission, otherwise we can still do it. Feel free to share your case and what you’re looking for to see if we can help!

Price for @handle claims: From $1,500 + SWAPD fees (depending on each handle)
Price for verifications: $200 + SWAPD fees

TAT: Usually 1-2 days, but the max waiting time is 7 days.
Payment Method: Bank Wire, Wise, USDT


(5 letters username claim + verification)

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