YouTube Video Appearance in TOP 1-10 Search Results

Description: This service is intended for your video to appear in the first 1-10 results on Youtube by searching for a specific keyword of your choice.

Note: The service is not intended for the appearance of the trend video, but rather for its appearance in the search results with the top 1-10 results with a specific keyword.

##Order needs 24-72 hours to rank

keyword that you want us to rank it for you.
Progress and Staying time :
  • As for the time for video to appear in the first 1-10 search results, it takes 24-72 hours.
  • We do not guarantee the time the video will remain in the first 1-10 results in the search, and this depends on the video itself. The better it is, the longer it will remain in the search and lead, and this also depends on the chosen keyword and its strength. If the word is used extensively by more than one person, this will affect the video Also, in terms of lead and time of stay, it is preferable to use keywords that do not have much Volume or pressure.
  • The service ends on our part as soon as it appears in the first 1-10 search results
  • This service does not guarantee a certain number of views/subscribers/engagments, as it is intended for the video to appear in the search Results, and then the interaction and other things will be from the viewers themselves.

How much is this service?

cool service but there should be a minimum amount of time it’ll stay on that position, if it gets in that position and off of it in the same day people are going to be pissed.

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price sent to all

how much?


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