You've Lost Access to Instant Articles

3 days I go I receive this message… I wrote appeal but got bot answer I cant monetizes my FB pages in next 90 days… Now I don’t know what to do… A lot of people I know from my country (Serbia) got the same situation… I work almost 6 months without any problem… Because of this I losing a lot of money, because Adsense earning is much lower that Instant Articles… Any suggestion what to do next?

I would guess wait the 90 days and don’t violate any more of their policies

Problem is I didn’t violent their polices. I don’t have options except to wait…

They updated their monetization policies this week. You probably are not complying with something there.

Yeah, I know. I read 10 times after this and I don’t know where is a problem. I have unique content, no adult, no gambling etc.
I will growth my pages and wait…

You know your content better. Maybe too clickbaity? I saw some similar stuff happening where FB said pages have too low traffic to use their IA

I have classic content, some advice about life, health, funny pictures, and videos etc. Only one reason maybe can be, the page where is IA is dead, I dont publish content on that page, I use that page only to apply for IA.

This option cant be, because I make between 50-150k impression daily.