Zero Reach After FB Outage

Hey Guys,
Is it just me or are you guys also getting no or low reach after the FB outage that happened.
I was getting about 200k Daily video views regularly on my pages now its down to 3-5k views, that too from the older videos that were shared.

None of the newer posts are getting any reach.

Glad its not just me, Ive gone from about 30/40k views at worst to 3k :confused: earnings are at about 20% what they were before the outage

Nope, I have the problem before the outage of Facebook… The reach dropped 95% on all big pages, while the small ones are not affected

If I remember it right everything started to crash since November when Facebook had another big problem, from that day, I’ve seen only strange things with all my pages

I’m afraid that this is smth done intentionally from Facebook to make people pay more for ads

Maybe part of the reasons is this too: