137k+ YouTube Official Artist channel! [SOLD]

Amount of subscribers: 137,000
Country of subscribers (majority): about 45% Hispanic and 43% USA
Topic/Niche: music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): organic


  • 137k subs,
  • Grows about 400-800 subs every day,
  • 100 million views.
  • Monetization not enabled yet.
  • Play button not claimed

Bought it from a music group because they already have another channel that they use. and now wanting to sell. Loyal subscribers, 48,000 have the bell rung for all notifications. PM me for URL and screenshots.

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Ok I added screenshots

Relisted, thank you.

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Are you serious that you want to sell this channel for 8000 this channel looks empty

Pm me the link pls!

Get your ID verified

that’s cool i don’t have time to do that thanks though

It basically takes 2 minutes to take the photo and they were pretty fast to verify my ID.

Send URL.

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Handle please?

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Added more screenshots and discounted $1000 in celebration of black friday coming up

Still available

What’s the link? And is it original content?

Is monetization enabled?

No, but easily can be applied for

Still available

Started listing at 134k subs, now at 137k, gains about 400-500 subs a day