1x Sponsored Article on SWAPD

We’re offering a slot for an article of your choice in our Spotlight Discussion section.

Why should you care about having an article there?

  1. It’s the only discussion-orientated category on SWAPD that is featured on our home page.
  2. It gets traffic. See some of the top articles (views) in the image below.
  3. It’s hard to get an article approved there, especially promotional articles.


What articles could you post by winning the auction?

Anything that doesn’t conflict with our business model. Promote your website, NFT project, or whatever else comes to mind. If you’re unsure, contact staff prior to bidding. Backlinks are allowed.

What will you get by winning?

  1. 1x topic reserved for your article. It will stay up forever.
  2. The topic will be highlighted and pinned for 30 days.
  3. The ability to bump your topic once per 24 hours (vs. our 48h rule)


  1. The article must be provided by the winner.
  2. It cannot collide with SWAPD’s business model.
  3. It has to be well written (English only).
  4. The posted article will not be tagged “paid promo”. However, SWAPD will include a disclaimer at the end of the article stating that we do not endorse the entry. Unless it’s really good :smiley:

We don’t guarantee any tangible results. Our Spotlight Discussion section is very active, and topics are seen on the front page. If your article is enticing, it will attract users. Before you bid, please think things through and ask yourself, “will my content be discussion-worthy?” Overly promotional entries will most likely not perform well.