What are SWAPD Auctions?

SWAPD Auctions are sales events wherein potential buyers place competitive bids on assets or services either in an open or closed format. Our self-hosted auctions provide many benefits to sellers and also the buyers. In addition, they’re a fun and interactive way to buy/sell whatever you want.

How are auctions different from regular SWAPD listings?

  • Auctions are interactive. Bidding wars are an exciting event. It attracts more attention to listings, and people can also participate by commenting on the auction.
  • Auctions are open. Not only do sellers benefit from auctions, but buyers also have an advantage. By having an open auction, all bidders see the offers of other competing buyers. This prevents dishonest sellers from making up the “I got a better offer from X” stories. This puts all interested parties on the same playing field.
  • Auctions save sellers time. Even though sellers still have to share some details with potential buyers via private messages, they will save tons of time by not going back and forth between offers.
  • Auctions keep buyers interest alive. Many times, during regular PM negotiations, buyers lose track or forget to reply. With auctions, users are notified every time someone topped their offer, and they also receive frequent reminders on the progress of the auction.
  • Auctions are seen by more people. With every bid, auction topics bump to the top of the SWAPD front page, circumventing our 48-hour bump rule for regular listings. This increases views which may translate into more sales.
  • Auctions are safe. Sellers have the ability to set reserve prices on their items/services, so they never sell below their expectations. Buyers still get to enjoy the same safety procedures offered by our Checkout Tickets. Since each successful auction is converted into our checkout ticket, both parties are protected by our Transaction Contract and a 24-hour grace period.

Ready to start your own auction?

Use the following articles to learn more about SWAPD Auctions.

You can also visit our knowledge base or if you have any questions, send a private message to @Administrators.

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