200K Crypto / Forex / Finance Instagram Account + 2 Telegram groups for Sale FAST GROWING

Most of the traffic is from India. And the majority of followers are bots. Just takes a small glance to see. You’ve had this for sale for 6 months and no one wants it. Poster above is right! You’d be crazy not to take that 25k offer! I’ll give you $2,500 and that’s extremely generous for a bot/ bottled account.

well, you obviously have zero idea what are you talking about This page was grown with Instagram reels as you can Check pin reels you will see that it has millions of views and thousands and thousands of comments, also, I know how many people message me every day about certain business opportunities or joining my VIP group. I’ve had this for sale yes because I have my own money and if the price is not right, it’s not right. You are just sale trashing but wrong person mate I really don’t care​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Can Vouch for @Best! Super knowledgeable guy, and one of the best when it comes to crypto related stuff.

Thanks bro I appreciate the support, you are one of the first sellers I worked with :goat: :metal:

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