2020 is around the corner, and here is what is in store for you. (We're dropping prices!)

New year, new SWAPD!

Here is what’s in store for you guys for the year 2020.

We all make new year resolutions, and SWAPD is no different. We plan to make some major changes for the year 2020, and we would like to announce those changes in this topic. At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to talk to our members, to see what they would like to see added/removed/implemented. But first, let’s go over what is waiting for you guys.

#1 We’re dropping prices!

I am a firm believer that if you create the right environment for clients, they will keep coming back. Lowering prices (in my opinion) is simple economics. If something is cheaper, more clients are bound to use it. And while the discount we are talking about isn’t huge, in the context of a fiscal year, it’s a large chunk of cash we’re returning to our sellers. So, starting 20/20, we’re dropping our prices by 1% across most fees.

This is what the new fees will look like:

We will charge 9% on all transfers of social media properties and services, with a 20 USD transaction minimum.

As always, VIP Members have a progressive fee structure:

  • Transactions up to 10K - 8%
  • Transactions 10-20K - 7%
  • Transactions 20-30K - 6%
  • Transactions 30-50K - 5%
  • Transactions 50K and up - 4%

Domain/websites/odd transfers/influence deals stay the same. This discount, while small, makes SWAPD more competitive against its rivals. We hope our members will appreciate this move and continue to use SWAPD throughout 2020 and beyond! We’ve always said that if/when traffic/volume continues to grow, we will lower prices, and not increase them as most sites do after becoming established.

#2 We’re increasing limits!

  1. We’re increasing TransferWise.com limits form 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD.
  2. We are increasing PayPal limits for VIP members from 2,000 USD to 2,500 USD.

#3 We will update the UI

Or website dev and UI guy, @shaunthomas, will make slight but noticeable changes to the way SWAPD looks. Hopefully, you guys will approve the changes :slight_smile:

#4 We plan to enlarge our staff!

We will be looking for moderators, as we plan to staff one moderator per category. Unfortunately, the position doesn’t pay, the only perks are:

  1. The connections you will make.
  2. The increased trust you will receive from your SWAPD peers.
  3. You will be in line to (possibly) become an admin in the future. And that’s a paid position.
  4. You will have the power to ban @yair! And you can’t put a price on that.

We will look for people who are dedicated to SWAPD, who flag, report, and are knowledgable in this field.

#5 We’re increasing payout/response times!

Wait, what? That’s not a good thing! Right?
In theory, to an average client, no. It’s not a good thing. But our staff is growing tired of people who literally expect to be paid out within 30 minutes after a transaction and get annoyed if that doesn’t happen. I believe through 2019, we were only late 2-3 times in sending out the payment to our clients, and by late I mean instead of the declared 10 hours, it took 12-13. We’ve spoiled our clients with quick response times, and we need to throttle that down. Starting in 2020, payouts and payment confirmations may take up to 72 hours. Even with that prolonged time frame, we still believe we’re faster than most of our competition.

#6 We’re changing Premium Membership prices

To save on paperwork (invoices), we’re scrapping the 5 USD per month (or 36 USD per year) pricing structure. Starting in 2020, there will be a one time, 99 USD fee, for Premium Membership (lifetime). Users who are currently subscribed will be able to cancel everything new year and keep their Premium Memberships as is.

For now, those are the biggest changes. But please remember!

These changes won’t be instantly implemented on the 1st of January, 2020. Please give us time to make things happen, we will notify you of every change as it happens. We expect this transformation to be completed by Jan 30th.

Now is the time to drop your wish list, we will consider all submissions.


My only wish is to have @yair banned for 2020.


a special 1 million + tag

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Done! Oh and I forgot, we’re redoing Premium Membership payments, will update the original post.

how about special badges for big spenders? eg… if you have spent $25k+ , $50k+ , $100k+


Not sure. Would have to talk to the big spenders. IMO, most big spenders don’t like the spotlight. Attracts unwanted attention and every newbie tags these big guys in their topics to BUY BUY BUY! This somewhat is already happening.


thats fair…

Add new badges.

Most of all add more payment methods like payoneer, stripe, skrill. We all know how cool they are and they are widely used. Not everyone has Paypal and BTC is not accepted in half the countries so can’t avail your services due to restricted payment gateways.

Or how about paying via any of your desired gateways but exchange into other payments? :slight_smile: ofcourse fee can be included you know what I mean.

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I don’t think you understand how exponentially that would raise the fees for clients. But we will consider other payment merchants. However, calling Skrill “popular” is also over kill. We’ve offered it last year, we’ve maybe used them 3-4 times, so we’ve tossed them. Payoneer has been requested a few times, but I would say less than 20 times throughout this year. We are close to doing 1000 transactions this year. That’s a 2% request rate, not enough in my opinion to warrant action. But as I’ve said, we will consider things.

What it usually boils down to with user requesting new payment options is the fact that they do not feel like signing up for new services, as sometimes they can be cumbersome (verifications/limits/etc). Well, we feel the same way :slight_smile:

TransferWise.com, for example, is a very good payment processor. USD to USD transfers are free with a borderless account. There is no reason not to use them. When we’ve first introduced them on SWAPD, people were skeptical. Now? 1/4 of our business comes from TransferWise. Free transfers, no chargebacks, low exchange fees/withdraw fees, almost instant wires, what more could you want?


Yep, fee will be higher but let’s consider a recent case where the seller called off a deal because I don’t have BTC (which is illegal in my country and as an individual I wouldn’t like to do illegal stuff or use VPN’s /proxy game to get something) so I asked him to get on transferwise (which infact I signed up from your platform. I never heard of it before I joined swapd) for which he didn’t seem to be much interested even though I was ready to pay extra fee. So loosing a bigger working deal for couple hundred $'s fee is not so cool, especially when client is willing to pay due to limitations.

People (Most businesses in tier 1 countries) are using these services according to descending order:
Amazon Pay/Skrill/Google Pay/Wire transfer etc.

(Not sure where BTC stands since I am not familiar with it so can’t speak about that :slight_smile: )

But as per your words, I think it’s mainly because of demographics because not all payment gateways are available in all countries. Someone will have to compromise somewhere, but just suggesting you to atleast keep some options open for gateways. It doesn’t take much because the accounts can exist without any charges to be paid. Again, just a suggestion from a valuable member :slight_smile: But I am sure, the staff is doing it’s best to meet everyones needs and bring on amazing features.

All the best.

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Instead of VIP my title should be “Punch bag”


Best idea for 2020, IMO!

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I will look into these two merchants and have a chat with the admins.


Like this if you want auctions

Stop editing this u twat


I don’t know about others but I’m tryna flex ;D


Awesome changes! Looking forward to seeing how SWAPD grows next year! :clap::muscle:


New UI? That sounds cool!

I SAID SLIGHT CHANGES! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That sounds cool anyway. :unamused:

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