2020 "to-do" tracker

This is a locked topic. The purpose of it is to show members what new features/changes were implemented (that we’ve announced in this topic). Since these changes will not happen instantly on Jan 1st, 2020, it’s wiser for us to display what’s done and what is yet pending.

We will update and bump this topic as new changes take place.

2020 to-do list!

  • Lower SWAPD fees, for everyone! - Done!
  • Change Premium Membership price structure/rules. - Done!
  • Increase payment limits. - Done!
  • Update the user interface. - Done!
  • Update mobile apps. - Done!
  • Add a few moderators. - Done!
  • Restructure discussion categories. - Done!
  • Add new category “Spotlight Discussions.” - Done!
  • Add a “helpful” badge for users who help out around SWAPD.
  • Update terms of service. - Done!
  • Create clear policies for listing bumping.
  • Create clear policies for ticket response times.
  • Purge all PM’s/Tickets (except for the last 60 days). - Done!

We may add/remove/alter a few things from this list if we don’t find the time to get things done.
That is all. Thank you!


Can you hurry up and action the last point


I bet @RandyMarsh is so scared he won’t even reply to this topic.


Changes will come into effect gradually starting tomorrow! We should complete the list in full by Jan 10th.

New prices are in effect. All tickets started from today will be cheaper :slight_smile: The fee calculator will show wrong data until tomorrow or the day after (it’s being updated).

The rest of the changes will be completed by the 10th! Thank you for your patience.


Fee calculator has been updated with new prices!

The purge is completed! Next, updating the themes :slight_smile:

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UI upgrade is completed! Only a few more things left, like banning of @RandyMarsh.


Due to the DDoS attack some of our promises will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Three more things to go!

Still three more things to go :frowning:
Too much on our plate, we apologize for the delay.