261K Luxury Fashion IG for $900 TODAY!

Country of followers (majority): International - Brazil 7%, Egypt 5% USA 4%
Amount of followers: 259,000
Topic/Niche: Fashion / Luxury
Does it include the OG (original) email?:
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): No, But current. It’s an old account created in 2016 og email is lost probably but this account is 100% safe!

The account was created in 2016. It has one former username it was in the same niche.

It needs a little bit of effort cause it was inactive from a long time but I’ve posted a few pics and videos on it and it’s gaining followers and catching up the activity again with 500k+ imps within a few days.

The niche is very good and the audience too, once the account is active it can be monetised very well by ecommerce + paid shoutouts.
Pm me your best offers, in no rush to sell.

What price do you have in mind. Inbox

What’s the price

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price in mind?

Bump :heart:

You still selling


BUMP! Why this acc isn’t sold yet? :roll_eyes: Where are the buyers ?

DM handle and more information please, thanks.

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Handle and BIN please.

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Ha dle

In the middle of ticket.


@KSPL check the stats and demo here.


I sent you 3 days ago you haven’t replied.

pm handle and last offer thanks

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Can i have the handle and the last offer?

the handle and the last offer?

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