261K Luxury Fashion IG for $900 TODAY!

Pm sent to both!
Waiting for the response guys.

Please community be careful, seller wants us to believe that the account is healthy and the only problem is that he is not posting in the last days…but it is not the case. Only buy (max 300) for social proof.


I never said that it’s an healthy account.
Anyways, thankyou for bumping my post :stuck_out_tongue:

I care about our community, I can show all our messages if you like, your avoided all questions. Good luck.

Note: Bumping is free do not thank me.


Sure you do :smiley:

Where did u grt this graph?

Anyone with the budget and the resources to grow this page and make it active again this is actually a pretty good find. Having 78% of female audience and at 261k currently. The price he’s offering it for is really great (considering it has OGe as well.) With proper engagement it would be worth around $4k~$5k.

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Social blade. Thinking himself as a pro by using a free tool which is available online :grin:

$950 + Swapd Fees TODAY!

Read again, it does not actually come with an oge.

Kindly send me the handle

Dm handle and Current offer, thanks.

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Still available. 950$ + fees final price.
All you need is a month’s effort and this account will be alive again :blue_heart:

Okay 900$ + fees.
Anyone?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Handle please

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Send me the handle.

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Pm link please

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Pm sent!

Handle plz