261K Luxury Fashion IG for $900 TODAY!

$700 right now?

$800 is offered.
900 + fees are final price.

PM handle please

Please send me the username,


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Handle please

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Send me username please

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PM sent! Waiting for your response.

Still for sale

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Yes it is. Just PMed you the handle.

dm handle

handle and current offer please

Hi can we do sale on here

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Please get your id Verified first by messaging at @VERIFICATION then we will start the ticket

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Please send handle

Pm link

Give me time I wait for verification

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Why is this account still not sold? Dm the handle PLEASE!!

Hi still got account

BUMP & GLWS :call_me_hand: :white_check_mark: @FaadixD

P.S: I bump this topic as a well-wisher.

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:walking_man: :walking_man: no dm received still @FaadixD :new_moon_with_face: