500k Subs | $13k/month | HIGH RPM, DOMINATING NICHE

Amount of subscribers: 500,000
Country of subscribers (majority): UNITED STATES
Topic/Niche: Science
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): 100% Organic Growth

Description: This channel has made almost $500,000 since it began a few years ago. This channel is easily on its way to have $30-$60k months. I’m selling it because I need capital for an upcoming real estate investment. Audience is US and is consistently gaining around 8k-15k subs a month. A script writer, voice actor, video editor, and graphics artist will be included. This is an excellent team that can take care of any video idea you will have. There’s a reason why this channel is taking off. Quality is never compromised.

There are no copyright or community guideline strikes. This channel has always been in good standing.It is currently dominating its current niche. The fact that it gains around 8k-13k subscribers a month shows immense potential for compound growth. As long a you feed the script writer good space topics, the growth will go viral itself. If you keep posting, this channel will reach incredible heights. If you understand the potential of a science channel and know how to grow channels, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be making $30k-$60k a month by the middle of 2021.


Marked as Premium, best of luck with sales.


genuinely interested to know more. What’s the current cost per script/VO/edit? DM’s :slight_smile:

damn, thats all i can say. Solid listing. and @Swapd about to cash out on escrow lol


Hi, I’m interested. Could you pm me more info about this ?

Im very interested. Can pm me the channel?

I wish there were more youtube listings like this over here, out of my budget unfortunately but an extremely solid channel, good luck with sales!


This is a dream for every hustler out here. Best of luck!

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Hello, I am interested. Can you pm link?

Can you share the link please and what 1 video cost you to make. Thanks

Hey man,
It costs around $120 per video, there is an entire content creation team.


pm channel link please


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Page link please. Very interested

pm channel link please

PM Link and if content are all original, not spun, and none are potentially infringing (content, music, logo, etc)

Hi there can you send me the channel link please.

Kind regards.

I am interested. Can the channel link send me a message

Hi, please share this channel - thank you!

Hi, can you share handle and best offer so far? What a great channel btw, amazing job.