82K Gaming/Films Fan-made Trailers channel. +54M total views

Amount of subscribers: 82.000
Country of subscribers (majority): the U.S and South America
Topic/Niche: Games/Films Trailers
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):
The topic is fan-made trailers about films and games. It will be a very good opportunity for someone that wants to do a Gaming or Entertainment channel.
It haves a total of 54,895,668 views, it was one of the top watched channels at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, in that Christmas I made around 25.000$ with 6 1 minute long videos.
No strikes and you can still create a custom URL for the channel. Really. A very good opportunity with a little bit of effort into it you can get a lot of views and more subscribers.
It haves around 300-350k views every month without content (with ads revenue).

It’s a very HQ channel and it’s not common to see a channel like this being sold.
Plus: live chat donations are active too!
The best bidder wins!
Message me for URL

Please PM me

check your pm!

link please

check your PM!

Would you trade for a 130k Instagram account

Please Pm link

Plz send the link

Link please

Please, pm me the link!

May i have tge link please

Pm link

Please PM link

Please PM channel, thanks!

link and best offer please

just to let everyone know… this man wants a high 5 figures for this account which is ridiculously overpriced

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Haha… Someone on here recently let a high quality 800,000+ Subs channel go for just $30k

So, I’m hoping this Seller doesn’t want anywhere close to that!? lol

oh he does- he said it is ‘cheaply priced’ LMAO so this is a warning to not waste your time

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Why you are just saying trash when you don’t know anything and I told you already found someone interested, go to your home children

you try to get channels by giving instagram verifications, nice try