93k Quote/Meme Instagram 39% US - 4K followers/week

Country of followers (majority): US
Amount of followers: 93,7k
Topic/Niche: Quotes, memes
Does it include the OG (original) email?: no, but current (the one i bought it with right here on swapd)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Fully organic

Description: I bought this account a couple months ago when it was at 30k. I managed to get it to 1.3-1.4k followers per day at first when I was really active on it. With a month of consistency it can easily ge t there again, it’s currently sitting at 500-600 followers per day right now. It has a premium username as well which is valued at $300 (I got 3 offers for it). Please don’t waste my time lowballing i won’t even consider selling this for lower than $1600.

I’m not sure why it’s not showing me the countries rn but it’s at 39% on US, then UK 6% , India 6% and Canada

(last post)

We have unlisted your topic!

Your listing is currently removed until you comply with our screenshot requirements. We have new policies in place requiring that all listings upload screenshots of the following pages:

  • User demographics (geolocation - countries)

Virtually every potential buyer will ask for these two things from the start. To save time, please edit your original message and upload the requested data. Not only it will help you sell quicker, but it will also save you time from uploading the same screenshots to every potential buyer.

Please remember!

When posting screenshots, make sure you don’t reveal the URL/@Handle to the property. As you know, social profiles are subject to being deleted/hacked/etc. To protect your assets, protect their identities. Only send URLs/@handles to people who ask for it via a private message.

To reactivate your listing, please upload screenshots and message the nearest admin or moderator.

Message me how do you get the content . I will make an offer

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It’s not letting me view the countries… on none of my 4 other accounts, weird update or something?

Unsure. I see you’ve stated the percentage of the countries, but how could you know - if you can’t view the geo breakdown?

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Hold on i’ll look for an old screenshot. I guess they will be available on the checkout audit anyways

Its the same thing for a lot of accounts since yesterday, Instagram must be doing some kind of update.


Reopening this for now.

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please give me a your price

bump, at 94.6k now

interested please dm me handle

verify ID please

Send me the handle and the current offer please

Hey! Interested. Please msg me the handle. :slight_smile:

@ and bin price

Hi can you please send me the link?

bump, 100k

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