A game changer! Introducing: Canned Responses

As a part of our core expansion that we’ve discussed in this topic, we’re proud to introduce canned responses.

What the heck are canned responses? Why put them in a can?

We have built an admin-like tool (included in your composer) that allows users to store pre-written responses. Are you sick and tired of copying and pasting your payment details? Or writing the same responses to clients over and over again? Our canned responses will solve that. You will be able to store an unlimited amount of responses, this will save you time dealing with your clients (and staff).

What type of responses should you store?

The most mundane responses warrant a saving, just so you don’t have to keep typing the same text over and over again. Here are a few examples:

ID Verification (For dealing with new users who you’re unsure of)


Thank you for taking interest in my property/service. It seems your SWAPD account isn’t ID verified, so I would appreciate it if you took the time to verify your identity first. SWAPD is a friendly business to business community and I prefer to work only with ID-verified members. Getting verified is easy, just send a message over to @VERIFICATION.

Thank you!

Payment details (this one should be obvious)

Here are my payment details!
Paypal: RandyMarshOnlyFans@no-power.ru
USDT: 0x98171089283102830183

Shop owners lists (for when your portfolio is larger than ever)

Hi there! Thank you for taking interest in my shop. Here is the list of my accounts:

@RandyMarshNaked - 2000 USD
@RandyMarshFitnessTips - 5000 USD
@RandyMarsh-Powerbank-Expert - 750 USDT
@Hot-Iran-Babes - 5 Dollores

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The possibilities are endless and it WILL save you time.

Yes, our examples have a dash of humor in them. But please don’t dismiss this feature, we promise you that it will save you time. Every staff member uses this feature, and honestly, without it, SWAPD wouldn’t exist. We personally have almost 170 canned responses saved, and the list keeps growing.

How to use SWAPD Canned Responses?

We will create a detailed knowledge base entry that covers this topic. But meanwhile, you can use our quick tutorial below.

----- STEP ONE

Open your composer and write your response as normal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a topic or a private message. Since you’re saving this, make sure your format it nicely and check for spelling and grammar. Once you’ve composed the text, click:

  1. The gear/settings icon.
  2. Then click Canned replies.
  3. After that, click +New.

----- STEP TWO

A new confirmation window will pop up (as seen in the image below). It’s time to pick the title of the response. This step is important because it, later on, allows you to locate the response quicker. So the title should be related to the context of the response.

We personally like to use the following format:

Number+title. Example: 001. Hello client!

Saving your canned response title this way will allow you to locate it quickly once you need to pull it up. The canned responses feature has a built-in search engine, so in our example, you would be able to quickly locate the response by searching for 001 or Hello Client. It’s super useful to be organized when setting these up, as once your responses pile up, the best way to locate them is via a quick search. This is especially helpful when looking for a canned response on a mobile device.


Hit save! That’s it! You’ve just created your first canned response.

How to paste a canned response?

The process is easy. Just click:

  1. The gear icon.
  2. Canned replies.
  3. Locate your response and click the paste button (next to the edit icon) to insert it into the reply window. You can either filter them by title or scroll down through the list.

We hope you guys (and gals) enjoy this upgrade!

Canned responses are a little cumbersome to set up, but they will save you lots of time in the end. We encourage our users to start using them right away. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.


Paste screenshots of your first canned response!

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Much welcomed, I became bored of writing the same reply over and over

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I don’t think Hermes understands canned responses, no?

i was unable to paste big text into canned , i don’t know why :man_shrugging:

If you used an outside editor, perhaps you had some characters there our composer did not like.

It was a joke, and apparently not a very good one

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