@AbstractM scammed me $2,000 and i will publish his image & videos on all media outlets all over the world

@Goodness11 was banned but I’m saying his ban was only until today and if you click his name you can see he’s no longer banned… shouldn’t it be lifetime ban?

Because i was the victim and my fault was breaking the swapd rules unknowingly. Which i was suspended for almost 2 weeks.
So i see no reason why you should want me ban permanently.

Lol so SWAPD marketplace has a lifetime ban for people who go offsite but this guy only got a 2 week ban because he’s a “victim”? @Alpha @Swapd

Why are you taking this personally? Common it’s not that deep. We all make mistakes.


He admitted, said he was genuinely sorry. We do lifetime bans for ppl who deliberately hide their tracks (mostly)


Thank you for understanding :pray:


People are being crazy harsh on this guy, he clearly messed up and learned his lesson and posted it publicly so others could learn from his mistake. No need to start roasting him


From what I remember it’s mostly 2-4 weeks for going off-site if it’s their first time, maybe I’m wrong.

It’s lifetime, but we give 2-3 warnings before suspending a Swapd account.


I’ll never understand why people treat communicating on-site as such a big hassle—it’s not that big of a deal. In fact, I take a sizable comfort knowing that I can purchase some of the world’s riskiest services without any fear of a scam. If I have to pay 10% more, so be it lol

I have friends here who I only talk with on-site, even when we aren’t facilitating deals with each other.


newer members definitely don’t check for that though, thats the thing.

Damn bro, a lil more positive vibes please and a little less hate will make the world a better place :handshake:


I suggest this: an automatic notification on the website and on the app whenever users use these keywords ‘telegram, whatsapp, message me and etc…’
With the notification/pop up saying “Danger! Don’t message offsite” or something similar.

Or let the admins be notified of when the users use these keywords/key sentences when messaging

I’d say this would 50-80% pretty much save the people from potential scams

This is in place already :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t realize swapd accounts are being sold on other sites. I think my net worth just went up :joy:


It’s really possible to go to police and file that dude for scamming selling a Twitter verification?
You go there and say: ” I sent in advance a not identifiable sum of money (without any legal binding), 2,000$, to buy an almost illegal not tangible good: the Twitter verification, but he disappeared then, you must send him to jail!!”
I’m curious to hear the police response!
Good luck bro!