As of 19/05/2021, we will offer limited support in disputes surrounding verified accounts & pages

Verified accounts and the potential problems they bring

For many people, purchasing pre-verified accounts (or any verification service) is their fast track to the checkmark. Some accounts keep the badge, while some lose them. As of May 19th, 2021, we will offer limited support in disputes surrounding transactions for verified accounts and pages.

Social media is unpredictable

The majority of the cases where verification badges are lost can be tied back to purges by the social media platforms. We sometimes see cases where Instagram go on a rampage and strip badges off thousands of accounts. Earlier this year, we were informed of a purge that wiped around 10,000 badges, and by the looks of it, the purge is still going.

Frankly, there are no ways to protect against badge losses, as virtually all pre-verified accounts are verified under someone’s name, business, or organization. Sellers who claim they aren’t might not be telling the whole truth.

So what does this mean?

You can still buy and sell verified accounts. We just won’t offer much assistance if things go south down the line, especially when it comes to badge losses. This does, however, not mean that we won’t come after sellers who are identified selling stolen/hacked or illegitimately acquired verified properties. It just means we won’t be able to enforce any guarantees promised by sellers, and we can’t be held liable for badge losses.

We’re an escrow service

While we do our best to serve the community and its members who dabble in social media, we have to remember that we’re an escrow service. Our job is to ensure the safety of the account handover, and the funds involved. We consider our job done upon the completion of the sellers payout.

New terms to accept in tickets

When you accept a checkout ticket involving the purchase of a verified property, you acknowledge the risks involved. These risks include but are not limited to loss of verified status, account limitations, lock-outs, and account deactivation. These are the most common fates verified accounts suffer.


In short, if you want a verification badge with the highest rate of longevity, buy verification services and not pre-made verified accounts.


What about if someone selling non verified account and after few week its pul back,like hacked account?

We will offer full support, as always.


If a seller is using a shady portal, even services that do PR with verification may lose ticks. I’ve seen it happen recently. Not a great sight.


I think a lot of things can go left with sales on swapd. You should provide more support or find a way that we can buy A PREVERIFIED ACCOUNT safely like we do other accounts on SWAPD

Due to the rise of verifications, we’re bumping (and pinning) this topic for a while, to remind users about the risks associated with anything verification-related.


Investing is risky? I thought investing was risk free?!

Shocked !!!


Thanks for bumping.

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I will bump this every two hours. It seems 1/2 of the internet can now verify IG accounts. Buyers should be wary.


Bluecheck inflation

And my dumbass still can’t. Typical L Comfy

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Isn’t this thread about pre-verified accounts?

From now on, it’s about both.


Everyone has a meta plug now XD. Either insiders are trying to maximise profit before meta verified is live or idk.