Banned? Want to become a member again? Christmas forgiveness bonanza until the end of December 2018

To keep up with the tradition of the holiday spirit, which includes forgiveness, we’re extending our hand to the banned section of our community. Starting today, we will review every case and unban members who are willing to join back up again.

Disclaimer! Only light infractions will be considered, such as:

  • talking off-site
  • failing to ID verify
  • spam
  • being rude

Members who:

  • tried to scam
  • sold hacked properties
  • chargedback
  • lied about stats

…will NOT be considered. SWAPD reserves the right to pick and choose which member they give a pass, so please don’t take it personally if you get rejected. Please submit your case to from the email you used to register on SWAPD.

Thank you!


We have 3600 members, of which 800+ are banned. We would love to have some of them back!


That genre deserves 30 days ban in maximum. And whether they send email to come back or not, you may unban them all with a slap on the wrist. Thanks

We have toned down on the bans for being rude. But when someone tells you “■■■■ you you are an idiot” you tend to lose it.

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All the wrath is directed owards ORGANIZATION and not towards INDIVIDUALS. If they hit their head against a stone, they can only hurt themselves and not that stone.

Such people deserve Ban, and that also for 30 days in maximum, only when they are habitual irritators.

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And when you unban any of the banned members, do update here their Usernames plus place a badge on their profiles “UNBANNED on Christmas 2018 Forgiveness Gala” for 90 days. Thanks

:smiley: “Shamefully unbanned” tag? I like it.


5 users unbanned so far, 1 got denied a second chance.


Swapd is the best!


Yees I got unbanned just today. Thanks <3


Aaaand you’re banned again. Sorry! It came to my attention that this person was involved in far more heinous crimes against our users. So no Christmas forgiveness for you!




Haha I love SWAPD


And what about late Hanukkah forgiveness?

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How to become vip member?



@Swapd… hey what did that guy Mcgyyver do exactly lol?.. i remember he tried selling me a youtube property awhile back

idk i dont like this idea of having people unbanned. thats a bit dangerous lol but hey if everyone agrees then so be it

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He lied about a few things that made us run around and investigate for no reason other than the well being of his own pocket. Then I was reminded by other members (when I unbanned him) that he cheated people (pulled back) properties sold on EpicNPC.

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