Closed - no longer safe to use


Service type: I can open a Facebook disabled account!
Price: 200$

I your Facebook profile is disabled and you want to reactivate it contact me with your account email and Account name. No password or email needed just provide me your email address and name of your account. First person on post will get free service.




PM me more details.


Please check pm.


I can’t believe it, but this guy actually delivered in less than 30 minutes.
My account got locked out, a hard ban, two years ago. Countless messages, countless pleas, nothing worked. Got denied every single time. BUT NOW I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK! So happy to see a legit service :slight_smile:


Marked premium + verified. This service is very very good :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this great honor. Trust me I’m so excited to see OMG. <3


You may have to wait until Monday to get some sales as it’s Christmas, worst time of the year traffic wise :smiley:


But I know for a fact that you will score many many clients here. I will also email our list tomorrow which includes 2000 buyers. We have many clients who will need your service.


Awesome Service no worries about the deactivated account :sweat_smile:


Can you do somthing with deleted pages ?


Thanks you so much I’ll try my best to provide best service to everyone.


No, not yet. But once it’s possible I’ll contact.


I’ve notified our VA members.


My account got disabled 6 months ago and I did every possible way to restore it during the last 6 months but I failed, until yesterday I appealed and submitted my ID again and tried to login after couple minutes from submitting my ID and it WORKED. I could not believe my eyes LOL.
In the future if my account got disabled I won’t hesitate to contact you for sure. Thanks you :slight_smile:


Is there a way to publish, unpublished pages by FB? If yes Im very interested!


I also want to know if you can publish unpublished pages, possible?

Get back to me thanks!


Please pm details , I have a disabled account.


I have four such pages. I’m very much interested in your service - let me know what I need to do and what the specific procedure is from my end.


Rodney Lee
PM me


I can’t publish pages right now. Maybe later.