Coming soon - New (paid) promo tools for your SWAPD listings!

SWAPD is becoming busier, and getting your listings noticed may be harder. Well, now you will have a chance to fight your way back. I am here to announce a widely requested feature, which is highlighted topics.

This will be one of two promo tools that we will launch soon. The next feature may be a tad controversial, which is called “SWAPD Shoutout.”

What is a SWAPD Shoutout?

It’s a one time, site-wide notification, sent to every member on SWAPD, informing users about your listing. However, we do realize that this may sound a little spammy, so let me explain first how things will be handled.

Users who decide to purchase this service from us, will have the ability to send ONE (only one) notification to everyone on SWAPD (around 10,000 members) and anyone who has our app installed will also receive a push notification. To combat user annoyance and not to ruin the SWAPD experience, here is what we plan to curb any possible unwanted behavior.

  1. We will offer limited slots per week (only 4).
  2. The feature will be reserved for premium properties only.
  3. The properties will have to pass an audit by staff before it’s SWAPD Shouted.
  4. STAFF will have control over the description and will post a detailed analysis of the property.
  5. The feature will be expensive, we’re thinking 99 USD + for the shoutout alone.

As we’ve mentioned before, this sounds spammy at first. But you cannot imagine how many times we get approached with “hey, is there any way I can get notified only when the best comes around?” messages. We’re hoping this would help serious sellers get serious offers, and help buyers find the best.

What incentives will sellers have by buying this?

  1. Extra exposure.
  2. Free audit.
  3. 1% off on SWAPD fee if you end up finding a buyer.

We would like to hear your opinion!

  • I think this could be useful
  • This is spam

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Note: During beta testing (we are not even sure we will keep this feature), you will not be able to opt-out.


And the SWAPD Shoutouts will also be used for the following things:

  1. SWAPD Promo announcements.
  2. SWAPD Global announcements (like DDoS info)
  3. Holiday wishes/etc.

We’re also debating on the highlighted promo price. We don’t want too many of these selling, as it will defeat the purpose of being highlighted.


Now, that’s what I’m talking about! :boom:

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Nice to see a positive comment. Because in the back room our staff was grilling me for this :smiley:



People Like Be Like!! :sunglasses:


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Rational rules but I may suggest to start PAID COLOURED BOLD THREADS (Green, Blue, Orange. $20/30 days) to highlight the Listing if anyone wants. Less annoying and will add colours to Front Page.

This all sounds great but a balance must be put in place so the “richest” sellers dont kill the rest like in a pay2win game.

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Love it. I think there will be more demand than you’d expect @Swapd I specially like the seller perks other than just the shoutout. Theres definitely value In that.

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Less annoying

Wat? Colors on the front page is definitely something we don’t want :smiley:


A M A Z I N G idea! Do mods get free shoutout?

Did @Yair just approve of my actions?
Mods may get free shoutouts if they keep their sections tidy -_-


I’ve seen it on other forum sites. Good idea.

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10,000 people shoutout for $99 sounds good, can I add some html into the message and redirect them to my landing page :slight_smile:

it’s hacklink :crazy_face:

Swapd Becoming Facebook 2 ahaha.
Please don’t over do it. even 7 per week , 1 per day is okay, Make it expensive so not everyone can think of abusing this service.


Should be a highlight. If it’s done this way. I think the hardest thing now is that there are so many threads by wannabes… it’s hard to filter through them( and I have to ask other members who is legit and not). And alot of sellers are iffy. Like. 10 guys offering verification that pretend to be authority service providers But they are some young kid from somewhere and trying to pull a fast one.

Prices…should be regulated and reputation highlighted by either transaction reviews or by upvote system or by member authority. That’s how threads should be arranged instead of when they were posted or someone paying to promote it.

I think a system were users are rewarded by their work and actions is much more beneficial for the quality of the site.



$99 is fair considering the margins on high ticket items sold here is MASSIVE.

Even if the ‘sponsored’ topic gets one sale out of that $99 investment, it would be worth a hundredfold.


It just doesn’t work though. Because someone can sell something useless and make it over priced. And then sponsor it… it would mess up the site up. There needs to be quality control…

Like some guy recently tried to sell a giveaway for 20,000 usd … and we had to hammer him for it.

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Yeah. That is one problem that is rising.
People doing nothing but repacking stuff and selling it at 200% margins. And in doing so, not adding any value to the service.

I guess since this feature is only for premium listing perhaps it wont be available to the scammers looking to trap unaware buyers in their overpriced services.

PR is one of those. I know at least half a dozen people who are just taking sites from one forum and promoting here for twice the price.

Some of these threads dont even have the ability to get certain PR done but they still list it.

Verification is same. Everyone reselling one or two main sellers service at unreasonable margins.


Read the initial post all the way through guys, most of your concerns have already been addressed.

It’s for premium posts, they will be audited, and staff may include a detailed analysis within the listing.