Contact of my Media Partner (only 2 availability) (verifications,usernames , unban etc ) - 5000$

Selling just 2 time, telegram contact of my Media Partner - i used since many years , he did all the verifications i used on my topic here :

and on the new one

I did more than 150k + in sales since i’am on swapd, on Verifications business

The contact can :
Send verification requests for Facebook and Instagram, almost daily (1-2 request max) (example, if you have a case to send, he can apply it today or maximum next working day, no holidays)

The contact always replies on telegram, is very friendly , i personally vouch :

Original prices :

  • Facebook 1000/1500$
  • Instagram 1000$ for musicians . 1500$ label , 3000/3500$ entrepreneurs etc

Can also do Username IG Claim and maybe Twitter verification

Can submit only valid cases, no clients with blacklisted press, indian press, newswire press etc

You can send me a few cases and i can ask him a prices and if they’re elegible you will know the original price (without my profit), then you know if this will worth for your business or not

not allowed niches :

  • No crypto
  • No gambling
  • No bad press case
  • No doctor
  • No e-commerce

Price : 5000$ plus fee – or PM me a buy-in offer for opening the ticket asap

welcome to any question

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please give me details

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Replied to everyone

What is the price? Any limit on how many cases we can submit to the contact?

Replied u

What’s the margin for verifications pm

What if he won’t submit any cases? What happens then? Feel a lot of issues can arise with selling contacts

what are you talking about? If you have weak cases he doesn’t send them, just as I wouldn’t send them if you sent them to me


Did you miss this point ?

It’s explained what isn’t possible to submit as black listed niche , then if you have clients with ■■■■ cases, skip this, no one will submit

details please - how much are you asking?

Hit me with a number and we can negotiate from there :slight_smile:

You sure these are the main people and not another proxy?

Otherwise where is the profit lol.

Like I know people with access, they typically don’t take more than $150-$500. Or that’s what I pay mine. Maybe yours are more aware of the markets.

But you’re adding too many restrictions and they’re charging close or above market rate.


No .