Countdown to 1000 members!


We are happy to say that after just six short months, our recently launched community marketplace is becoming quite popular. OK, so maybe we didn’t break any records, but we’re inching on 1000 members, and we think this is fantastic. While a thousand members may not seem like much, in over six-months we’ve hit 750,000 page views, and that’s impressive. The hardest part of building thriving online communities is getting over that initial slow period that all new sites endure. We believe we’re slowly moving out of that phase, as we’re now seeing organic traffic reaching our server.

This is why we’re super excited to see our member list getting close to 1000. Currently, we’re 29 members shy, so let the countdown begin!

To see our most recent stats (activity/sales/scammers) and our brief history summoned in a 250-word article, check out this blog post on

This wouldn’t be possible without you!

On behalf of SWAPD, I would like to thank all our members who gave us their trust. Also, a big thank you to our hard-working staff, who make sure that your tickets are answered fast, and scammers are kept at bay.

  • I’d like to thank @jason for being a great customer service rep!
  • I’d like to thank @shaunthomas for making sure our site looks tidy and neat!
  • I’d like to thank @Vincent for being the Chuck Norris of moderators. (Seriously, don’t mess with him.)
  • I’d like to thank our new admin @MeG for being a woman! That’s right fellows, she’s a chick! PM her for nudes. :smiley:

We may run a small token contest to celebrate this small, 1000-member milestone. Once again, a big thank you to all of you!

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Congrats guys! :raised_hands:


Congrats everyone at SWAPD! Great team and platform :pray:


Congrats! Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Congratz guys good job keep up the good work :slight_smile:



Come on people! Register, damn it! :smiley:


Congratulations! Great job!


I think its great what you guys do here! :clap:


congratulations guys its a great work with great team _ :heart_eyes:


26 to go!


Congrats, I’ve registered on April, so cool to be one of the first ones :smiley: Where are the nudes tho?


Yeah 100% Mmoorbes You’re like old school legit Swapd. :joy::joy:

You would easy be in the first 50 I bet.

We should make you a special badge. Like an OG badge.


Jason, I totally agree with you bud, a special badge would fit great right next to my name.


:joy: I’ll have to get something designed for you lol


20 Members to go!!!




Congrats! :tada:


LMAO! @Mmorbes! @shaunthomas made you an avatar :slight_smile: hahahahaha


10 to go!!

Looks like we will achieve 1000 members next week.