[Diamond Seller] NFT Crypto Twitter Network Dedicated To Promoting Your Crypto Project

:gem: Diamond Seller :gem:

Description: Here we have the ultimate fully managed NFT Crypto twitter network that is dedicated to promoting you or your crypto project. A private NFT network can create huge hype and buzz around your project and gain you real organic followers and engagement.

Not only will this network engage on all your tweets by retweeting liking or leaving custom comments it will actively seek out and engage with various accounts in your niche related to crypto and NFTs.

By doing this the network can gain you or your project exposure to real users who are genuinely interested in the crypto/NFT world.

All of these accounts gain followers slowly by engaging with other users and this in turn leads to more exposure to your project when ever they retweet or like your tweets.

These accounts will also post about you or your project on a natural basis to all there followers. Imagine 400 NFT twitter accounts posting about you or your project spread out over a 30 day period.

You have the option of turning some of these accounts into super fans by updating there profile picture or header photo to yours or your projects. Bios can also be updated on the accounts to show they are true super fans. This can create a mini wave where other users see a trend of super fans and then decide to join in and update there accounts also.

Your tweets will receive Retweets Likes and Comments when you post making your project look really engaged.

Please be aware when you open a ticket the initial setup will take around 3-7 days.

The network will be working 24/7 and everything is fully managed.

Pricing Is As Follows

:large_blue_diamond: Bundle One :large_blue_diamond:

  • 40 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $400/month

:large_blue_diamond: Bundle Two :large_blue_diamond:

  • 100 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $1000/month

:large_blue_diamond: Bundle Three :large_blue_diamond:

  • 200 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $2000/month

:large_blue_diamond: Bundle Four :large_blue_diamond:

  • 300 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $3000/month

:large_blue_diamond: Bundle Five :large_blue_diamond:

  • 400 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $4000/month

I also cover ALL swapd FEES

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Interested. could you share some more info on the accounts please

sure ill send you a pm