[Diamond Seller] Real Crypto Twitter Followers $50 per 1K

:gem: Diamond Seller :gem:

Hi i am offering Real crypto followers for twitter

You will gain the followers from giveaway promotion and they have a very high retention rate

these are 100 percent real followers that will do exactly what you ask them. For example if you ask them to retweet they will. Or if you ask them to join your group etc they will. These followers are only good for anything crypto related and i have promoted many crypto projects with lots of returning customers

i charge $50 per 1000 followers with a minimum order of 2k followers. (This is a very limited offer and wont last long as i usually charge $80 per 1k)

Payment will be in Btc/Eth/Usdt But please message me first to confirm what payment method you have to make sure i accept it.

I also cover ALL swapd FEES

Here are some of my other Crypto NFT services that i also offer on SWAPD.
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hi, lets give it a trial.

can i pay with PayPal or wire transfer the first time?

crypto only

i think your confused this is my advertisement in influencer deals. i accept only btc eth or erc20 coins. or any binance smart chain tokens. all are excepted by swapd thanks

Got it. Didn’t realize this in in influence. I’m a buyer via checkout only. And if you can share what pages the giveaways are done on. You’re too new.

Continue convo in dm if you want. Don’t want to continue spamming your sale thread.

no problem mate i can get 1k followers in roughly 6-12 hours. if you want to open a ticket and put your crypto with escrow that’s fine

Can you share on which pages the giveaways are done?

hi mate yes thats fine.vip and premium members can see the username already.if you would like to message me i can send you the usernames

3 orders completed BUMP

I ordered 2 times from him, good seller , fast response, followers are real.

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thank you @zalic22 you was a really good buyer and payed me straight away without any issues i really appreciate you using my service

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Do you have a sample account that you promoted? And how long does it take to deliver 5k followers for example?

no samples. and around 5 days for 5k followers


another ticket completed

another ticket completed today

Good guy and amazing service.

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really appreciate the feedback

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can you send me a link to the accounts that would be used to promote?

taking more orders again