Do you want us to.... (VOTE NOW)

… introduce pinned and featured (paid) topics? No, this isn’t us trying to squeeze more money out of everyone, these features are highly requested lately. My personal stance is that I am against it, but we will let the community decide. We have a few questions for our members which will determine whether we will proceed with expanding advertising options for our members.

3x Featured topics on the front page. They will always be on top.
  • I like it
  • I don’t like it

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Pinned topics inside specific categories.
  • Yah
  • Nah

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Random ads placed on our website (related to user topics/services only)
  • Yep
  • Nope

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Democracy will prevail! Thank you for voting.


Sorry, we had to restart this as I’ve made a mistake in the polls and after 5 min even admins can’t edit polls.


I personally don’t like it. I think what makes this community great is that the spotlighted and pinned threads are the ones that actually offer something unique and a great service. just my opinion tho


We wouldn’t personally recommend them, I guess I used the wrong wording when I’ve said “featured.” They will be clearly marked as advertisements.


Please let’s vote on Tokenizing Swapd next! :heart_eyes:


Unrelated, but also important issue to be considered in the future. Some sellers are clearly a time wasters and do not appreciate the time and effort it takes to negotiate a sale, especially a 5 figures sale.

In the last 3 weeks I’m dealing with one backed off the sale after almost 10 days of negotiation, and another 2 gone offline for over a week now. Irritating to say the least.

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it looks like accs-market. am i right?
you’re able to pay money to pin your listing for a week ( depend on you )

Exactly. idea is very good :heart:

I voted “Yes” because I want you to make more money my lord.


Ive seen a webmaster forum go downhill after adding such things.
Im strongly against it.


Swapd becoming the next EpicNPC :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Uh oh

We’re not going to go for it unless there is at least a 25% difference between the in favor and against it. And from what it seems, the community is too divided on it.

Examples please.

Basically the big guys owned monopoly on services by buying spotlights making all others goto other sites to offer theirs and then after a while those guys either started offering a shitty service or nothing at all and soon you couldnt find anything good there anymore.


Understood. Never considered it from that point of view, I was personally against it for aesthetic reasons :smiley: I hate ads. Looking at the vote count I can see that this will not happen, anyway.

It would be a great way to earn some more revenue or maybe even funds for the victim fund so I personally agree.
Speaking about increasing revenue, I am still waiting for a Swapd cryptocurrency token. :eyes: Could be worth it in the long run.

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I like this!

I think many people here are dying to be utterly nice to mods asking questions, so the way you make the questions is important. If you had asked instead:

Would you want to have Swapd be as always, nice and free without any featured except the all-time classic Spotlights and Premium tagged threads OR have us add 3x featured paid topics that will always stay on top?

  • Leave Swapd in its glorious current form!

  • Go ahead and ruin it by adding paid junk as if you weren’t making enough already

I guarantee you it would’ve been 80% leave as-is or more. This is how referendums results are tricked. :slight_smile:

tbh I really like the paid features, I used to always use them on other forums and I feel like they would be used a lot on here so you lot would make some extra $ as well :slight_smile:

I think it’s a ok idea if limited because you don’t want it over crowded!