Earn 2% from every sale/purchase on SWAPD, for life! Introducing SWAPD Rewards!


Update! The system is live! You can access your earnings panel here: https://swapd.co/my/invited/earnings

Earn 2% from every member you invite, for life.

We’re excited to bring you this new feature, which we believe is the first type of service in our industry. We’re introducing a fully fledged MLM plan, or in other words, a paid referral platform for our members.
Starting this week, we’re offering a 2% commission on every purchase/sale of all social items and services listed on our website, from tickets of members you’ve invited to our platform. That’s 2% from each item bought, and each item sold. Some of our VIP members generate an estimated 50-90K in sales volume annually, and with a 500-1500 USD transaction average, there is plenty of money to be earned. We believe this will help our community grow while giving everyone the opportunity to earn. No longer will you have to be a reseller to earn a constant paycheck, and no longer will you have to grow properties in order to keep the income coming in. You now have a third option, which is referring people to SWAPD.

How much can you earn?

Let’s start with some examples. Just last week, one of our tickets went for 13,500 USD. If you were the person who invited that seller (or buyer), you would earn 270 USD from that single sale.
Let’s do one better, as some of our tickets go even higher! 20-40k tickets are not as frequent, but they do happen. A 2% commission for a 40,000 USD ticket is 800 USD. Even small transactions will keep the money trickling in, as 500-1000 USD transactions (most common on SWAPD) would yield a 10-20 USD commission each and every time. This money would trickle in on autopilot, if the people you invite become regulars. Just by looking at our members list, we can tell you that around 20-30% of new users stick around in this business and keep buying/selling for months/years to come.

This opportunity is easy to go after!

You literally have to invite people to our platform via the invite system in your settings, that’s all it takes. Have a buyer interested in your property? Invite him on SWAPD. Have a seller you want to buy from? Invite him to SWAPD. Do you use other sites in the same niche where good sellers are abundant? Invite them to SWAPD. You even get commissions on purchase/sales from your own tickets if the other party is a user invited by your account! This is like having an instant, 2% discount on your sellers’ fees. Imagine inviting ten active sellers (which isn’t even a huge amount of invited members) that do 4000-5000 USD in sales volume a month (this can literally mean 2-3 sales per month, per seller). That would mean that you’re earning 800-1000 USD per month, on autopilot.

How do I get paid?

We pay out mostly via PayPal, but we will work with you if PayPal is restricted in your country. You can request a payout 48 hours after a successful ticket has been closed. Requesting payouts is easy, simply navigate to your referral panel and click “Request Payout”.

What’s the catch?!

No catch. We just have a few basic rules. We only award commissions on transactions over 250 USD, and all invited users must be fully ID verified before a commission can be awarded. We also have a 50 USD minimum payout limit.

The system is live! To access your invites/earning panel, go to Settings>Invites.

Or, you can just visit this link: https://swapd.co/my/invited/earnings

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Can anyone join the SWAPD Rewards program?

You have to be at least 17 years old and have a valid SWAPD membership that is fully verified (ID verified).

When do I get a commission from a sale/purchase?

There are certain conditions that have to be met before a commission is awarded to your account.

  1. The transaction has to be fully closed and marked successful by staff.
  2. The buyer/seller has to be ID verified.
  3. The transaction has to be 250 USD or higher.

Will I earn more money if the person whom I’ve invited referred more people?

No. Currently, we don’t allow multi-level commissions. You only get paid on commissions from the members you personally brought in.

Does SWAPD pay out commissions in every category?

No. We pay out commissions on items/services related to social media. Things like websites, domains, odd transfers, and trades aren’t included. Social media transactions constitute 90% of our transactions, so you’re not missing out by not having the other categories included.

I have a checkout ticket opened with someone I’ve invited, can I just get a discount on the fee?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. It will save everyone time and money transfer fees. If you’ve opted to take the discount, regular users will be charged 8% per transaction, and VIP members will have a new adjusted rate.

VIP rates:

  • Transactions up to 10K - 7%
  • Transactions 10-20K - 6%
  • Transactions 20-30K - 5%
  • Transactions 30-50K - 4%
  • Transactions 50K and up - 3%

My friend whom I’ve invited started and completed a checkout ticket, why can’t I see the transaction in my activity feed?

Your earnings feed isn’t live, and transactions will not show up until they’re manually reviewed and credited to your account.

SWAPD referral program rules.

These are the most important rules, a more thorough version can be found in our Terms of Service.

  • SWAPD currently offers 2% reward on all transactions (social media/services) closed by members who were invited by our referral program participants.
  • Only transactions 250 USD or over qualify for a commission.
  • Payouts requests may happen 48 hours (two full days) from the time of the last sale posted in your referral Earnings Feed.
  • Payments are made via PayPal, unless otherwise specified by SWAPD staff.
  • SWAPD will round fractions to the nearest dollar amount.
  • Referral participants may be required to submit TAX information.
  • Transactions that were canceled due to refunds/chargebacks/unforeseen events, will cause a deduction of referral earnings. If your balance is zero, the deduction will cause a negative balance.
  • Transactions where two users (buyer/seller) were invited by the same member do not constitute a double payout.
  • SWAPD will refuse the payout of earnings if the invited member was manipulated/lied to in any way before joining SWAPD. We want honest invites only!
  • SWAPD will issue payments within seven days of requesting the payment.
  • SWAPD reserves the right to remove/alter/correct any transaction in your Earnings Feed, without prior notification, and without any reason given.

We reserve the right to modify any portion of our rules, without any prior notification or reason given.


Would love to hear some opinions :smiley:

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Love it. I’m interested, looking forward to.


Additionally, there can be a ‘second hand’ commisions. For example if I invite user who after invite 10 super active buyers/sellers get me some percent of the commision.


Where would those additional funds come from? :slight_smile: There is only a limited amount of funds per transaction to distribute. If one user invites another, then another, then another, we wouldn’t have any funds left to give out an even commission to everyone. We could fraction it, but for now, we want to see if this current system will fire off. If yes, we will continue to improve it.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Just a thought.
Keep up the great work.


Let me calculate and claim my old commissions. Hold on.


-Restrictions apply.



This is why I haven’t invite anyone, I knew this will happen one Day.





Beep beep, boop boop! I am the SWAPD Payout Bot. I will be responsible for all your earnings inquiries, and you will have to talk to me in order to get paid.


For all your earnings inquiries simply contact @PAYOUTS - Thank you.


System is now live!

Please remember, the system is in its infancy. We want to check the user response first, if positive, we will continue to expand it and add features.

To access the invite section, click your avatar (upper right corner), click settings, then invites.


Honestly, sounds amazing. This adds so much of a nice twist to the invite system that will definitely encourage people to invite others.

Also, just to clear things up, are you only able to invite users via their e-mail or is there some sort of way to get your own personal invite link?


Personal invite link is in the works, currently negotiating with the dev as apparently it’s not an easy thing to implement as we have this stock system in place. We’re working on this as we speak, should take 7-8 days if we reach a deal.

Oh, and I am thinking that STAFF can also invite and earn, I mean, why not? I don’t see how a staff member can abuse this, if our admins/mods are willing to do the leg work, let them invite people over :slight_smile:


AAAaaand we reached a deal. Custom, permanent links will be available in 7 days. Overall, this extension of our website ran us (almost) 3000 USD now :slight_smile: Ya’ll better start inviting.


Would like to add, we will also use this system for awarding money for:

  1. Contests
  2. Credits from failed tickets
  3. Additional reward programs we will launch

And more!