Facebook / Instagram Verification for musicians [Done through Media Portal]


kindly look your inbox

Articles need be English or no? Have actress and musicians available.


Yes please

pm me please



any verified sales through here?

Wondering this also


why do you have a safety concern badge on your profile? Also @SWAPD if you can chime in would be great

Because he is 18. Anyone under the age of 20 on SWAPD gets the badge. Yes, it’s extreme. But at the same time, most cons here are conducted by the youngest of our members. We’re trying to limit that.

Any successful verifications?

I think only one.

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Thank you. So if verification is not completed successfully, we will still receive the payment back correct?

Check messages.

I would also like to know this

That’s how escrow works :slight_smile:

Step 1 – You first browse around our website and try to find a willing buyer/seller.
Step 2 – Once you find a willing person, you start a checkout ticket. Both parties join a checkout ticket and confirm the details of the transaction such as:

  • Account in question
  • Price
  • Method of payment

Step 3 – SWAPD team confirms everything including fees (we charge a small fee + money transfer fees) and set terms that all parties must agree to. To calculate the fee, use our fee calculator. Our company also audits (upon request) the properties sold/purchased within our network, to check for fake likes/followers/activity/etc.
Step 4 – Upon reaching a deal, both parties agree to directly forfeit the payment and the property to SWAPD.
Step 5 – We confirm the payment and secure the property.
Step 6 – Upon inspection and confirmation from all parties that everything is OK, we release the property and payment (minus our fee) to the rightful owners.

This is what an escrow (middleman) service looks like. Our team is here to make sure you don’t get cheated, and that the properties sold within our network are clean and free of any wrongdoings.


Hey,I sent you a message.

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