Facebook/Instagram verification services are now forbidden on SWAPD, unless . .

… unless you do one free verification for staff. Yes, we’re taking it to the extreme. But since we’ve opened, we had countless Facebook/Instagram verification services, and not a single one was able to deliver. Not ONE! And we are inching on 18 months of operation. We’ve wasted countless days for our buyers, and held up their money for no reason. We say no more. If you want to deal on SWAPD and sell Facebook/Instagram verification services, you need to prove yourself.

Currently opened tickets aren’t affected, but I am noticing that the next batch of buyers will be disappointed yet again, thanks to the empty promises some sellers make.

We don’t care whether you have an insider, access to media portals, or have some unbeatable fool-proof method. We’ve heard it all. These services stop today. From now on, it’s the sellers of these services who will need to earn our trust, and not the other way around.



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Agreed, this isn’t extreme at all, it’s a necessity at this point.

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Finally, thank you!

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Agreed! Thank you! Most of the sellers have been very arrogant and rude too in the process! So yes, they need to prove themselves, especially since we are the ones paying.

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You virtually described every ticket for verification of FB/IG. Just sucks.

You mean… I literally described it :slight_smile: I just did it virtually :joy:

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@gxs179 should be able to help

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Is that still good ? I see alot of new verification services coming every other day .

Most of the reputed ones even dont bother to reply .

We should have some sort of rules atleast .


Please PM me the list of users who don’t reply who posted verification services.

I sacrifice myself to be the free verification tester for the new sellers.


Can you do the same for Twitter too