Facebook is deleting pages

Be careful. Facebook seems to have gone full purge at the moment. Several people I know totaling over 60m in likes most all verified have been taken down today. We believe all have to do with links. If you post links on your page I would be very careful on which links you post.

I post links of my own IA.
No notification so far, have to hold on and hide till the purge is over.

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We have posted about this yesterday: Facebook purge 06/2018 - Warning about possible deleted fanpages and accounts

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Oh I had not seen that yet. I can go ahead and delete this

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Nah it’s OK! Perhaps more people will see this and take action. In the past, admins unpublished all their pages during these purges. Not sure if the method worked, but i like to inform everyone if their assets are in danger.

Did you lose any?

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Not any big pages. I lost a watch page for no reason today maybe it had something to do with the purge. I hadn’t even really started growing that one yet that’s what’s weird. I have more watch pages way bigger that are still up.

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İ loose all my pages

Which Category Pages are deleted from facebook?

Like I’ve said in my other topic, Facebook is doing a purge. The last heavy one like this happened in the beginning of this year.

Sarcasm. 40M Page Likes. GONE.

You mean 4m page? Sorry to hear about it :confused:
Facebook is going nuts.

No. Sarcasm is a known page with 40m likes. It was deleted today

Wow. I don’t think I’ve seen a 40m page. Crazy.

Copy cats are sprouting up: https://www.facebook.com/sarcasmLOL/

Literally searched it just as you did lmao

It says “40M” but takes you that that sarcasmLOL page.

Oh so it’s the same URL? Didn’t know that once unpublished you can grab the @handle, unless it was totally wiped.

Unless the owner still could change the old @handle while being unpublished, which I doubt.