Fameswap.com/Shoutcart.com are possibly scamming people



OK. Just in case anyone had any doubts, FameSwap.com owner IS ShoutCart owner. Just last year when you loaded up your balance on ShoutCart the money went to admin@fameswap.com


Also, Mike Mirkowic profile used to push FameSwap on his profile for YEARS. I remember he had it all over his wall, but the posts are now removed.
Here is a screenshot from way back:

For someone who (as some people claim) isn’t the owner, he sure acted like it for years. He actively posted and promoted it across Facebook groups. So, whether that profile is real, that is up for a debate. But I am pretty sure the person who owns that profile is in fact the owner, or has some stakes in the website.


Found another scorned Facebook user who claims he has been cheated during the Fameswap middleman process:


The reports I’ve gathered and things I’ve noticed over the years let me assume that the owner of FameSwap.com (and ShoutCart) are selectively scamming people. We won’t know for sure until the owner comes in here to talk to us, but that probably won’t happen as he/she is doing their very best not to be found. (Missing contact info from all websites/private whois/using fake profiles to manage FameSwap)

To clarify, ShoutCart is a good service and many people are happy with it. No qualms here. But FameSwap is very shady, from the users on there who constantly try to scam to the very owner who seems to be selective scamming people now.

However, since FameSwap is the owner of ShoutCart, I would stay clear of making larger deals with them.

We’re still looking for more stories! If you have one, please post it in this topic.


And one last thing, we’ve finally checked Oregon business database to see if a company name “ShoutCart” exists, it doesn’t. Shoutcart LLC is a fake company, or is registered somewhere else (unlikely).



I’m browsing FameSwap for almost a year and I contacted dozens of sellers, literally all of them tried to scam me and didn’t want to use a middleman.

It’s a really bad website which unites all the scammers together.

And now I see that I would probably get scammed even if I used a middleman. oh well, here’s a website I won’t browse again.

I’m down to 2. SwapD and Epicnpc


Ladies and gentleman, I give you the owner of FameSwap/ShoutCart:

Serg Aspidoff

From Portland, Oregon. (Russian nationality)

Owns sites such as:

Looks like he is a talented developer, even made a few games (no longer available). This is what makes it shocking to find out that he may be in fact selective scamming. Anyone care to invite him to SWAPD so we can hear his side of the story?


Mr Kosiba 008.


Edited the title so it’s a bit more fair. We don’t know for sure whether the owner himself does this, he may have help/admins who went rogue.


Hey guys
Sadely I have been scammed on fameswap and the funny part is I didn’t learn my lesson the first time so I went at it again and got scammed twice
Last time was in May 2017 for $450 and in 2016 for $100
What makes Mike so trusted is that he accessed the website database and new when I registered on there and all my info.
But I didn’t get scammed through BTC it was through Skrill.


When did you guys have ever seen a Russian person called with name “Mike”? They are using fake name with Russian surname but in fact this scammers must be from Bangladesh or Nigeria…


As per reports by clients
The scammer are from
For Example: the picture @Swapd posted of an indian guy getting scammed was by a US guy.
The post of @Russel.elgohary looks like scammed by an Indian guy. The post of @RoarJunior looks like scammed by an albanian or balakan guy.
Pretty much agreed with what you said. Considering the amount of BTC involved Nigeria is a pretty good guess. :smiley:



Can you explain further? What did Mike know? Do you believe he has admin level access to FameSwap?


Pure scam. I remember checking out their site a couple years back or so when looking for a FB page marketplace. Immediately thought “scam”, as the pages were suspiciously cheap, and no real info or security given. Heard bad things about them over the course of the next year, and this just re-affirms my doubts. SWAPD is king as far as I’m concerned. Nothing but fantastic experiences here, and I feel secure with any transaction.


On a lighter note… Just found his post of 2013


This is real


Nice find @Abuzar


It seems MIKE MIRKOVIC profile is gone, or he made it private? Can anyone locate his account?


It was probably getting too hot for him :smiley:


Is mark w williams offline too?


Mark is still open i see that from another account.