Fameswap.com/Shoutcart.com are possibly scamming people



I’m a professional doxer and I can try to grab a lot of infos from those guys. Send me their E-mails, IPs, Usernames or anything so I can go through a ton of databases and check if anything comes up. Maybe even get their passwords


^^^ User banned for signing up with fake info. Please don’t give him anything.


Not Fameswap related, but I just got scammed using Epicnpc with a middle man.

The seller pulled the account back with an email link.

Buyer beware: that website is also full of scammers


That’s just no true. the website is not full of scammers, I personally had a lot of transactions there and everything went smoothly, only one time the seller somehow recovered an account and the EpicNpc admin helped me with everything and because I used an middleman, If my PayPal dispute wouldn’t work, they would have give me money back.



How does epic know if the account was really pulled back, I mean buyer/seller could just fake it to take advantage of epic. Do they do this for every loss? If so I am impressed and amazed.


It’s not that easy to fake it, and in my case the seller pulled back the account to another 2 people, but it wasn’t through their middleman service so they didn’t know about that when we made the deal.

They have a victim fund - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/862769-Epicnpc-Victim-Fund-431

If u get scammed and u used the middleman service on their website, and u couldn’t get ur money back - they’ll give u some money, sometimes the whole transaction $


It’s very easy to fake, all I can say is “the account I bought here was pulled back”

Then what happens? If you are Epic, how do you prove it wasn’t pulled back? I also like the victim fund idea, pretty cool.


You need to provide a video showing every single proof u have it was pulled back I guess, I don’t know, never had this problem. because I didn’t need to provide proof, they already figured out he was a scammer because of people reports.

And yes, the victim fund is a great idea


I think everyone should keep off fameswap. Yesterday a friend of mine got scammed through their escrow. He handed over the account details but never received his payment. Actually he received a money request :sweat_smile:. He received an email from i fameswapllc@gmail.com and he blindly released all the information including the email and password. I helped him recover the email which was deleted already. But the recovery email was already deleted. Still trying to find a way to get back in the account. Since the new guy has removed the email and he is using the number. Despite my warnings to keep away from that site. He just lost a 200k account. His life worth.


Their escrow told him to email fameswapll@gmail.com? I don’t think that’s fameswap’s official email and your friend just got conned by a regular user, no?


I just noted that too. I confirmed with another email. they send you a message direct with noreply@fameswap.com


I absolutely love the victim fund idea. I’d be one of the first to donate to it :wink:


I do too but we don’t get many victims here so it’s kind of pointless.


That’s crazy if true :open_mouth:


You can find at least find one victim here. Lolz.


And I think you have already started VICTIM Fund in veiled form. You help your Users and it would be great if you start that Fund officially.


One of the very few. I seriously don’t remember anymore, but I would be shocked if it was more than 6-7 people, and we have 2600 members now. That’s 0.3% of cheated members, many of which got compensated back directly by us. You’ve purchased a hacked Channel, something our warranty doesn’t cover and it’s hard to prove. Albeit, you proved it beyond a reasonable doubt, so if we had a victim fund, you would get it. But we already gave you 3x free transactions (even if we didn’t have to) that saved you a few hundred dollars in transactions, so it’s not like we’ve left you on ice.

It’s just not worth starting a fund for now. Our verification process eliminates 99% of pranksters, so why bother.


I want to update you with my experience of their Escrow service.

I just sold an 20k account via their service. Although it wasn’t a big account, I just received my money today.

So I think we can conclude Fameswap is a legit platform & service, which still has a lot of people trying to take advantage of it and try to scam people.

Just wanted to share you my experience, since a lot of people think they’re a suspicious company.


Macedonian guys use to be much smarter. Just saying.