FB bug when accepting Invite to admin page

I don’t know how to fix this problem.
A guy sent me Invite to administrate a FB page.
I accepted the invite, but I’m still not admin.
If I refresh the page with Invites, the Invite is still there and I can click again on “Accept”.

He tried then to send me Invite to different fb account, but same situation.

Did anyone faced this situation? How to fix this?

It happened the same to me. But in the end it worked, after a couple of days. But they’ve asked me to confirm my location and my identity!

Most likely because of this: Page Publishing Authorizations - If you own large Fanpages with a US fanbase, you might be screwed!

Read that topic, at the end of it there is a URL to fix your problem.

In case if someone face this too, the problem was that I was admin by less than 7 days… Once I reached 7 days of being admin I was able to accept the Invite.