FB Instant Articles Provider

I can provide fresh Facebook pages with Instant Articles approved + domain + website

  • By default I use pages and domains containing words as “news” or “media” or “viral”.

  • You can buy direct pages already approved if I have in stock, but it’s difficult to keep in stock.

  • You can place order to get Instant Articles approved on a new FB page + domain
    I deliver in 7 days from order.

  • You can place custom order to get Instant Articles approved on your desired FB page name + your desired domain name.
    I deliver in 7 days from order.

** For orders and custom orders is needed a small upfront of 100$ that you pay to SWAPD’s admin , to make sure that you don’t change your mind in the middle of work.

Payment methods: PayPal and TransferWise

Feel free to ask any question.


Good luck my friend you always rock

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Thank you :grin:



Two pages available for selling :v:

Seller able to deliver, just had his first successful ticket. Thank you.

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Thank you too!

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I am interested in purchasing. Please send me details

details pls?

I sent PM.

Seller delivered again. Recommended!

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Delivered perfectly. Thank you for your service

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As payment methods, accepting by now PayPal and Transfer Wise.

Hey man, Thanks again for the page/website.
I have a question. Is there something special you do so that the domain/website gets marked as good? My traffic is unbelievable at the moment for every time of post.

Hi. I’ll PM to get more info from you.

Another happy client purchased from @AR70PLM - Thank you for using SWAPD!

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Marking Premium as seller always delivers!

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WOW, Thank you !

I have one IA approved today , available for selling. Fast transfer.

I announced the members that were interested, but since they delay answering I sell it.

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