People here are trying to sell fraud pages which they created through ads with threshold and not paying to fb.
this will cause serious problem to the buyer.
not only that page will be disabled but the pages in that account and that account will also be disabled.
beware with such fraud sellers.
mostly are from Pak and India.


There is nothing wrong with selling those kind of pages. But when they don’t mention it, than it’s very bad.

I created already a thread about it: Facebook pages created with tricks | Warning!.

that’s wrong!
what do you think f-b is a fool or something?
experienced this couple of years ago when people used to add cc and threshold used to be around $500-$1000 and people did the same thing that time.
now its happening again f-b will do the same thing by disabling

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There are many buyers for those kind of pages. I’m one of them. Because I can earn the money back fast. If it’s get removed one month after I bought it, I still made profit on it.

As long as people know that this method is used, than it’s there own choice.

But if someone is selling it as a non-threshold page. Than it’s a problem.

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Why all they stop boosting in 50 k ? Why not 30k or 60 k ? There is trick on 50 k ?

There are a lot of threshold methods on which pages can be made but the best method is the 10$ threshold which is by default feature of facebook , people connect vcc to ad acc and they get 10$ threshold and you can use it anyway you want & boosters use this to boost their pages!
Facebook doesn’t really care about 10$ and won’t going to target your ID for it.
If someone uses hacked cc to make pages then it’s a very bad thing!
I sell 10$ pages and all my buyers are really happy so far!
For the question regarding why people make only 50K likes is that if they make small pages they’ll probably sell for alot cheaper and if they make pages bigger then 50k then the like cost is increase by 150-300%
So 50K is the best stop for it!
If anyone wants such pages I am always up for it!
Best regards
Cyber Guru :pray::pray:

My clients pay me 500$ for the pge and make 2000$ a month easily out of it! So if you know how to utilise these pages you know how to dig gold out of earth!

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