[FREE] Giving away a 138k Facebook fanpage


Since I only received small offers for my property, I might as well give it away for free. However, I would like to have some fun with it. The 50th reply get’s the page for free!

Only two rules:

  • You CAN’T have more than three consecutive replies in a row.
  • You need a custom uploaded avatar (it can be anything, just not the stock image of a letter)

The related fanpage is in this topic:

Good luck :smiley:


Sooo, how’s the weather?


Raining here. :smiley:


How about them Kardashians?


Great idea, haha!


I’d love to win :smiley:


Hopefully more people start replying as I’m going to sleep in a few hours


Wouldn’t count on it. The forum is too new, plus it’s the weekend. Also, the majority of our members are from US, and they’re just waking up now.


Yeah that’s true


Who likes my profile picture?


1/5 of the way there, lol


Yep when we gonna get there?


Howdy from down under


All dry down here


Pretty wet up here (it’s raining)


Its 12.20am here, so I feel like I’m at a disadvantage here :slight_smile: lol

we are heading into winter so its starting to turn a bit ■■■■


And we’re finally welcoming spring :smiley:


Spring is a great time of year.

So hows the launch going?? I’m loving the site, it seems to have such better listings and legit listing already than elsewhere.


:slight_smile: oh yeah I can post twice lol


Jason where are you at man? In in the NT, really bloody hot here!