[FREE] Giving away a premium 212k Facebook Fanpage! (Contest is now over)

Boom! Here comes another contest! This time we’re giving away not a voucher but a fully working Facebook Fanpage (see the stats below). It was recently reinstated, but it is in full working order. To see the URL just PM me for the link. So, how do you get this Fanpage for free? Obviously, we need to get something in return for it, and this time we want exposure.

In order to win, you must:

  • Post about SWAPD on a website that is at least somewhat established. It can be a forum post, blog entry, or even a large social property such as a Facebook Fanpage. The post must contain a backlink to our website, and as far as the content of the entry, I leave that up to you. Naturally, we would want something favorable, but we will not count you accountable for the content your write. The piece doesn’t have to be long, it can be as simple as “Hey, does anyone have an invite to SWAPD???.” I ask all contestants NOT to post the proof of their work here, please send it to me via a private message. Remember, the post can’t look/feel spammy or forced, so it’s best to keep things natural. Also, the entry has to stay up permanently.

  • You have to be the 50th reply on this topic.

  • You have to upload a custom avatar to your SWAPD profile (if you haven’t done so already).

We please ask you NOT TO:

  • spam other websites intrusively. If you encounter negative feedback, don’t push and delete the post.
  • post more than three consecutive replies in the row (in this topic).
  • post gibberish replies (as in “iohoasda8ubsdasd”, for example.)
  • post about SWAPD on more than one website. This isn’t a backlink race, keep it to one website only.

In case of any unforeen problems/disputes, we reserve the right to pick a winner.

This is on first come first serve basis. Whoever posts about SWAPD, sends me proof via PM, and gets to 50th reply wins this page!



Due to lack of interest, I am dropping the requirements from 100th post to 50th post. I realize 100 may not be easily achievable on a new forum, this is why I’ve made that change.

So, all rules still apply, except that from now on, the 50th reply gets the win, providing he/she performed all required tasks.


can you pm me the link to the fanpage?

PMd you.


Could you also PM me the Facebook page!

Thanks very much!

Hopefully we can get up to 50 !


We only have one entry so far Mr. @rzen.19


Come on people. Swapd.co is such a great site, spread the word.
If it reaches more popularity, more members will join.
Hopefully more and more quality pages will be sold.


Thank you for your kind words :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I also agree this is a great site.


@sparkzilla is our newest contender. Only two people going after this one page, so the chances are very good! 35 more posts to go. GOOD LUCK!!

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I also wanted to add that the 50th reply includes the original post, it’s just the way how our website counts posts. The first post is also considered a reply. You can see which post you are by checking the slider on the right, as seen in this screenshot:

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Question: Do you think the page name can be changed easily?

Send me the link

Can I comment as many timez as I want?

It’s a 50/50 shot. There is a method on making it shorter, but it takes a while.