🔥 Get 5 USD just by replying to this topic! (First 50 users only!) - UPDATE: IT'S OVER!


Done! 43 to go!


Can I donate my $5 to @MeG for her baby fund?


I guess :smiley: Who am I to stop you? But we have to do it manually. Y/N?


Replying back :grinning:


Yes, go ahead. With having 5 kiddos myself I know how tough it can be. $5 isn’t much but maybe it will make her smile.


WTH. Where are my FAKE Profiles? I could easily earn $35. Don’t remember Passwords.


On behalf of meg, thank you!


MeG: Requests payout.
SWAPD: Sorry, Admins can’t participate in the program.
SWAPD your balance is forfeited.


Paid! 42 to go!


Whoo hooo… go @MeG I challenge anyone else to follow suit. And don’t forget to help the community grow and get other sellers in here. Here’s to 2019



It’s not about free money, it’s about the rewards program :smiley: Start inviting people. Starting next week, we will make it super easy where each and one of our members will have a custom URL they can share (vs. manually inviting people vial email from the panel).


People already trying to cash out :slight_smile:
We have a 50 USD payout minimum, we can’t be sending micro payments to people as:

  1. Too much work.
  2. Adds waaaay too much paper work at the end of the month (taxes)

Payouts are set at 50 USD, as stated in our rules:


Lord have mercy boys… invite 20-30 people each. You will get to that $50 mark if they are active and sell or buy easy as. This is about building the community leaps and bounds in 2019. Together we can help this site and each other.


If you get 20-30 active users here your commissions could even mean X,XXX digits.


@Justme23 Reply to my messages if you’re already here… lmao

and @Swapd, The conversations that are going on in here gonna make people think they can’t request bc they see over 50 comments.


Better for us ;D




I’ll look at the message


My notifications when I give free money away:


It’s like a babes account that says she will give some lucky person her number… just comment and like below :joy::joy::joy: