SWAPD Rewards - Referral program rules

SWAPD Rewards - Referral program rules.

These are the most important SWAPD Rewards rules, a more thorough version can be found in our Terms of Service.

  • SWAPD currently offers 2% reward on all transactions** (social media/services) closed by members who were invited by our referral program participants.
  • Only transactions 250 USD or over qualify for a commission.
  • Payouts requests may happen 48 hours (two full days) from the time of the last sale posted in your referral Earnings Feed.
  • Payments are made via PayPal, unless otherwise specified by SWAPD staff.
  • SWAPD will round fractions to the nearest dollar amount.
  • Referral participants may be required to submit TAX information.
  • Users participating in a checkout ticket with a person they’ve invited to SWAPD, can opt for an instant 2% deduction (versus having the amount applied to their rewards).
  • Transactions that were canceled due to refunds/chargebacks/unforeseen events, will cause a deduction of referral earnings. If your balance is zero, the deduction will cause a negative balance.
  • Transactions where two users (buyer/seller) were invited by the same member do not constitute a double payout.
  • SWAPD will refuse the payout of earnings if the invited member was manipulated/lied to in any way before joining SWAPD. We want honest invites only!
  • SWAPD will issue payments within seven days of requesting the payment.
  • SWAPD reserves the right to remove/alter/correct any transaction in your Earnings Feed, without prior notification, and without any reason given.

**Restrictions apply.

  • Transactions where both, buyer/seller were invited by the same member warrant a single, 2% reward.
  • Transactions where buyer and seller were invited by two different members warrant two, 1% rewards each.
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