Great e-commerce (.com) domain names

These premium domain names in the e-commerce category are for sale:

registered at GoDaddy since 2011

registered at GoDaddy since 2010
registered at GoDaddy since 2017

Selling individually or bulk.
Push to your GoDaddy account
Paypal or TransferWise

Are godaddy valuations even a thing to determine a price? just curious

I think @RandyMarsh outlawed using Godaddy estimator, for good reason.

GoDaddy is one value of many. You can check similar name sales at

We have removed some portions of your entry (screenshots). It is forbidden to include a Godaddy appraisal in your domain/website listing as per recent update in the rules of the domain category.

Thank you for understanding.

OK - got it. Thanks for the updated rules. KP

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